Swedish root Soup

March 3, 2013

From Allt om mat 2013. Delicious, quick food. 20 minutes.Mostly 4 oz (¼ LB) of each variety of root vegetable, a small to medium sized vegetable. Serves 4-6

  • Rinse and clean leeks and vegetables. Slice leeks and dice vegetables into small pieces to cook quickly.


  • Leeks (split length, thin slice across)
  • potato
  • parsnips
  • celery
  • turnip
  • carrot
  • 1 pc lemon grass, cut into several large pieces, to be removed before serving soup.
  • Romanesco (put in last)

Boil 7-8 Cups water with vegetable or chicken stock flavoring. Add vegetables & lemongrass, simmer 5 minutes.

Add romanesco (or broccoli or cauliflower), bring to a boil, 2 minutes more.

Remove lemongrass, serve with crisp bread, cheese and sliced apples.


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