Radicchio Blood Orange Goat Cheese salad

January 5, 2016

WSJ Dec 2015 / Justin Severino. Serves 4-6

  • 2 TB balsamic vinegar
  • 6 TB olive oil (plus extra for drizzling)
  • juice ½ lemon
  • kosher salt
  • 2½ medium blood oranges
  • ¼C mint leaves chopped, plus extra for garnish
  • ¾ C pistachio, toasted & roughly chopped
  • 1 C pomegranate seeds
  • 1 large avocado cubed
  • 1½ med heads radicchio (remove outer leaves and tear inner leaves into 3 inch pieces)
  • 8 oz goat cheese at room temperature


  1. whisk vinegar, lemon juice  and oil in small bowl.
  2. Peel and section blood oranges (remove skin from sections). cut both ends, peel and then free each section.
  3. Large bowl: combine radicchio, orange sections, mint, pistachios, pomegranate seeds & avocado.re whisk vinaigrette, toss with just enough to coat leaves.
  4. Either coat bottom of plates or serving dish with got cheese or toss pieces into salad.

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