(Salt, fat, heat, water?) Convection Roast 425º oven

Marinade whole chicken in bag /bowl: 2 TB salt &  2 Cups buttermilk. remove from buttermilk before roasting.

Tie legs, roast in cast iron skillet. Center rack.

Legs pointing Rear Left. 20 minutes reduce heat to 400º. Continue 10 minutes more.

Turn so legs face Rear Right, 30 minutes. or until done (knife between leg/thigh runs clear)

Rest 10 minutes.

Serve with Roasted Za’atar vegetable salad.


Roast vegetables 425º oven. (Goes well with buttermilk roasted chicken)

Use several trays to roast vegetables until browned.

  • Cauliflower & Romanesco – slice vertically down. drizzle oil
  • Brussel sprouts cut in half, toss with oil.
  • Red carrots, slice lengthwise, toss with oil.

Vinaigrette: shallots, 2 TB red wine vinegar & 6 TB olive oil. Mix with drained can cannelini beans & Za’atar.

Layer: bottom up:

Cauliflower, Romanesco, carrots, brussels sprouts. Sprinkle with beans.

Top with Feta, herbs (parsley, mint, arugula etc), Maldon salt