Chocolate Mousse

July 14, 2015

WSJ 2015

  • 12 oz semisweet chopped chocolate
  • ¾ C water
  • 2 Tb instant espresso coffee granules
  • pinch salt
  • 4 egg yolks (can add 2 whites- optional for lighter mousse)
  • 1 C heavy whipped cream
  • 2 TB liquor (Cognac/bourbon or Kahlua)
  1. Double boiler over simmering water: melt chocolate, water, coffee powder & salt. Stir until just melted.
  2. Remove top pot from heat, beat in yolks, one at a time, let cool completely.
  3. Whip cream to soft peaks then add 2 T liquor.
  4. Fold whipped cream into chocolate [if wanted, add 2 whipped egg whites to chocolate  – after folding in whipped cream].
  5. Transfer chocolate mousse into ramekins or other individual serving cups/glasses.(maybe top with flak salt and or fruit and whipped cream)

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