Swedish Almond Tort

January 12, 2023

Bake 350º 9″ pie pan/ or removable bottom cake pan. 25-35minutes

1 C Sugar

1 C Flour (spoon or sift into cup)

1/2 C soft butter

2 eggs beaten

1 tsp almond extract (or 1/2 tsp)

optional 1 tsp vanilla extract (or 1 vanilla bean caviar)

1/4 C sliced almonds

pearl sugar 2 tsp (optional)

  • hide an almond in cake for Galette Day –


  1. Mix sugar and flour
  2. Add butter into dry ingredients, mix until crumbly like sand
  3. Add almond extract to beaten eggs, then stir eggs into dry batter
  4. Spread into greased 9′ pie pan or spring cake pan or tort pan with removable bottom
  5. Sprinkle sliced almonds on top (and optional pearl sugar)
  6. Bake 25-35 minutes until golden on top . Cool then remove from pan while still a little warm.

WSJ 2018, 8-12 Svgs, Oven 300°. Very dense cake. Valrhona “Abinao” 85% ciao

  • ¾ LB (12 oz) blanched whole almonds. Finely grind half  (6 oz) in food processor. Coarsely grind remaining with chocolate. (or use almond flour and ground almonds from Trader Joe)
  • ¾ LB (12 oz) bittersweet chocolate, 85% cacao or higher
  • ½ LB (8 oz  ~ 1 C) unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1 C plus 2 TB sugar
  • 5 large eggs separated

300° oven butter 8 inch round spring form pan, line bottom with parchment.

  • Cream butter and sugar with electric mixer until light and fluffy.
  • Add yolks one at a time.
  • Add, beat in  all the almond flour, nuts and chocolate.
  • Separate large bowl, which egg whites until soft peaks. Fold a quarter of whites into chocolate mixture to loosen.
  • Fold chocolate mixture into egg whites.
  • Pour into spring cake pan, bake until set and skewer come out clean 45 minutes.
  • cool in pan.

top with crème frâiche/whipped cream


Mormor’s almond cookies

December 14, 2013

Mormor Karin’s “peasant cookies”, like shortbread.

Bake 350°, 10-12 min.

200 g Butter

200 g Sugar

1 ½ T syrup

75 g almond slivers

300g Flour

1 tsp Baking Soda (mix into flour)

  • Beat sugar & butter until fluffy
  • stir in syrup
  • mix in dry ingredients (almonds,flour, baking soda)
  • roll into 8″ long loaves, 2″ wide
  • refrigerate 24 hours (will last for weeks in refrigerator)
  • Cut into thin  1/8th inch slice
  • BAKE 350°  10-12 min